DCIM injection moulding compounding – Cooperation between Yizumi Ltd. and Exipnos GmbH

In the field of injection moulding compounding, the Chinese injection moulding machine manufacturer Yizumi Ltd. has concluded a long-term cooperation agreement with the compound developer Exipnos GmbH.

The direct compounding process known under the name DCIM Technology is to be jointly marketed worldwide. The systems will be manufactured in Yizumi’s plants in China and operated with the recipe know-how of Exipnos from Merseburg for the end customer. The formulations can be monitored and / or modified online – a typical industry 4.0 application.

The already known advantages of the DCIM technology – time saving, cost efficiency, flexibility, quality advantages – will be further improved by the cooperation. The cooperation of Chinese cost efficiency paired with the High Tech DCIM technology from Merseburg is now freely available on the market. In addition to complete systems from Yizumi, injection moulding machines from other manufacturers can also be retrofitted with the DCIM.

The picture shows a DCIM system in production at Yizumi in China, consisting of a 160t injection moulding machine of the A 5 series coupled with a CDS 34 compounder plus the necessary gravimetric dosing belt carriage. Such a complete system will be shown at the upcoming K show in Düsseldorf.

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