Yizumi Germany GmbH expands from summer 2020

View: New building in Alsdorf near Aachen.

In June 2020, Yizumi Germany GmbH will move to new premises with offices, technical center and showroom as well as an assembly area in the Alsdorf industrial area near Aachen. The company, which was originally started with only an office on the Aachen campus at the beginning of 2018, will now expand strongly!

The reason for this is on the one hand the innovative products and technologies, such as the equipment for the extrusion-based additive process ‘SpaceA’ or the thixomolding machines for the production of lightweight magnesium components, but also the improved special injection molding processes in the field of foam injection molding (Foam Pro) and the combination technology ‘polyurethane plus injection molding’ (React Pro), developed under the motto ‘smart and better’. The product portfolio is rounded off with rubber injection moulding machines and die-casting machines for magnesium and aluminium. In addition to offices for the developers, a technical center plus assembly area is required for this purpose.


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