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Yizumi Group establishes another branch office in Germany in addition to Yizumi Germany GmbH

Yizumi Germany GmbH offices on the Aachen campus (4th floor, left).

With Yizumi Precision Machinery Germany GmbH (www.yizumi.com), another subsidiary of the Chinese machine manufacturer was founded in Germany in mid-December 2019, in addition to Yizumi Germany GmbH. The task of Yizumi Precision Machinery (Germany) is the sale and service of injection molding machines in Germany. Yizumi Germany is thus relieved of tasks related to standard machines and concentrates on pre-development tasks as well as support in the special process areas of Thermoplast Injection Molding.

Within Yizumi Germany GmbH, the sales and service of customers for Europe in the fields of thixomolding and rubber injection molding is carried out from the headquarters in Aachen. The two areas mentioned above are in the technology introduction phase, which is why a close interlocking between sales, service and development taking place in Aachen makes sense. In particular, the focus is on the introduction of Mg – Thixomolding for large-area, thin-walled components in automotive engineering and urban mobility. Following the 1,250t machine delivered for the first time in 2019, the first delivery of an even larger 2,000t machine is expected as early as 2020.

The ‘Additive Processes’ division with its product ‘SpaceA’ will be managed globally as a Yizumi Business Unit by Yizumi Germany GmbH from Aachen. The aim here is to win key customers worldwide and set up a production line for ‘SpaceA’ modules in China.


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