Yizumi with industry 4.0 application at the K show in Düsseldorf

The trend word industry 4.0 is on everyone’s lips! On the one hand, it is about accessing a multitude of different data provided by material manufacturers as well as machine suppliers and sensors throughout the entire supply chain. On the other hand, the focus is on a standardized analysis and use of this data for new business models. Yizumi machines and plants are prepared for this world and offer all necessary interfaces standardized by Euromap.

A typical example for the use in the industrial 4.0 world is the DCIM technology (Direct Compounding Injection Molding) developed with our partner Exipnos: DCIM is a complex machine system consisting of the main components injection moulding machine and compound delivery system (CDS). The CDS consists of the extruder and the associated metering system.

On the one hand, they produce their own mixtures of standard polymers and additives, which are available on the market at low cost. This results in low material costs of up to 50%, depending on the formulation! On the other hand, they operate their production according to their own recipes, which gives them a know-how edge. There are also situations where the end consumer only needs small quantities of special compounds. These can then be obtained after long delivery times and at high prices.

Last but not least we come back to the industry 4.0 aspect. The entire supply chain begins with the recipe and ends with the finished component. Our partner Exipnos is a materials specialist and creates the right recipe for you. The recipe is sent via the Internet to the control system of the machine. Changes are possible in real time.

You will find us at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf with DCIM in Hall 12 Stand A 27.

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