Lightweight construction with magnesium thixomolding – Smart engineering solutions from Yizumi
Project manager Dr.-Ing. Philipp Ochotta from Yizumi Germany GmbH in the circle of fitters from the main plant in China in front of the 1,250 t thixomolding plant.
Lightweight construction continues to be one of the dominant topics when it comes to urban mobility or automobile construction. Yizumi also offers machines for processing magnesium using the thixomolding process in addition to the plastic-based solutions known from injection molding.

At the end of April, the world’s largest plant was delivered to Frankenberg (Eder), to Hettich, BU castwerk. The plan is to produce footboards for e-scooters, components for e-bikes or large cockpits for automobiles on the 1,250 t clamping force machine – says Managing Director Michael Schran.

However, the machine developed by employees of Yizumi Germany and the parent company Yizumi China is not intended to be the end of the clamping force range. The development plans currently envisage 3,000 t clamping force as the largest machine in the modular system, derived from the spectrum of possible components. The further development will be supported by a network of university partners and industrial users, in particular the GTK in Kassel and the Castwerk of the Hettich Group.

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