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12.06. – 16.06.2023
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Thixomolding Machine

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12.06. – 16.06.2023
Booth 11A42

Thixomolding Machine

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Thixomolding Maschine

In 2009, YIZUMI succeeded in developing China’s first Thixomolding machine which attracted intense interest within the industry. The new product, named after MG series, passed China technical evaluation inspection test and secured product development patent.

In 2018, through the technical cooperation between Chinese and German teams, the large injection volume model UN1250MGII was developed, with an injection volume of 2.5kg, matching the maximum injection volume of any competitor’s machines worldwide.

With the successful launch of a 1500t Thixomolding machine in 2022 YIZUMI offers its customers a further extension of part-size-range  to be manufactured safely in magnesium.

Currently YIZUMI is in the process of developing Thixomolding machines with locking forces of 2000t and 3000t respectively.


High-speed mold opening and closing technologies

Specific patented technologies ensures smooth and high-speed die opening and closing operation without impact.

Innovative technology

New high-speed injection closed-loop control technology, quick response, high  repeatability.

Clamping unit

A new structural design leads to uniform stress distribution and eventually less platen deformation.

Control system

User-friendly and easy-to-use control system with a 10.4-inch color touch screen.

Screw and barrel unit

Reliable and durable assembly with materials and technologies developed by Chinese and European teams.

Higher safety and security

Safety door of clamping unit and injection unit are monitored and controlled by safety relays for higher security. 




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